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AirSial Jobs as detailed in the solicitation for 2022 So, Airsial has publicized employment opportunities in several sections/departments around the nation (Pakistan). 

In other words, AirSial Jobs are just for those who satisfy the qualifications for these AirSial Jobs. Male and female applicants from across the country may apply for the latest AirSial Jobs. First and foremost, the procedure is easy to understand and is detailed in the organization’s job postings. Additionally, complete your work by finishing the recruiting procedure in Pakistan in 2022. 

Latest AirSial Jobs details:

Hiring Organization:AirSial
Location: Pakistan
Published Date: 30-08-2022
Gender: Male/Female
Education: Matric To Master
Category: Airlines
Job Type: Full Time
Domicile: All Pakistan
Last Date: 30-09-2022
Salary Range:60000 PKR/Month

About AirSial Limited

The airline began operations in 2020. The Sial in its name reflects the city of Sialkot in Pakistan. This airline is a private one. As one of the three private airlines in the nation, it is a source of pride for its owner. The government fully supports their further development. Currently, the airline offers only domestic service between major cities. With further expansion, they want to expand their territory to include several Middle Eastern nations. The organization has a promising future. This is due to the limited number of elite airlines in the United States. 

Sialkot is a prominent Pakistani city. These industries provide a variety of goods and contribute significantly to the nation’s development. The organization is also a subsidiary of the industry. SCCI is a vital industry in the nation Its trade and goods provide several resources worldwide. This is their technique of demonstrating the country’s present industrial advancement. There are currently few aircraft in the airline fleet. The interiors of all of their Airbus A320 aircraft are identical. More orders are pouring in, which will boost their fleet size and expand their services. 

Available Vacancies for AirSial Jobs

  • Operations Control
  • Flight Dispatch
  • Manager Planning
  • Engineer
  • IT Manager
  • Security Manager
  • Cabin Crew
  • Ground Staff
  • Flight Services
  • First Officer
  • Company Secretary
  • Flight Surgeon

AirSial Jobs Requirements 

AirSial Jobs has certain qualifications. Using these, the body picks individuals who are advantageous to them. The first rule is the physical condition of the candidate. People with any chronic illness are ineligible to apply for AirSial Jobs. Their health ought to be excellent. The age of candidates also has a significant role. The minimum age requirement is 21. And the top age limit is 50 years old. From high pay to low status, all jobs meet these characteristics. Following these requirements are the educational prerequisites. A college degree is required for employment in the aviation industry.

The organization favors applicants with a higher level of education. They accept candidates with an associate’s degree for low-level positions. However, those with a bachelor’s degree are preferred. Engineering graduates may apply for technical positions. But the difficulty of the job raises the bar. Some even demand applicants have a postgraduate degree. There are also roles reserved for women. 

For entry-level positions, there is no need for work experience. However, it differs greatly for specialist roles. Experts are responsible for mentoring novices while doing their assigned tasks. Therefore, candidates with more experience have a greater likelihood of being hired. Experience requirements vary based on work requirements. Some positions need just one to four years of experience. The maximum increases to seven years for high-ranking positions.

AirSial Contact Details:

Contact Number:052-4269670-74
Email address:[email protected]
office address:4th Floor, Aviation Dynamics Building Terminal 1 Road, Jinnah International Airport, Karachi.

AirSial Jobs: Salary and Benefits

It is customary to work for a private airline and anticipate good compensation. It holds true here as well. AirSial Jobs employment provides compensation that encourages staff retention. Keeping employees satisfied earns their loyalty and motivates them to work diligently. The typical monthly salary for technicians is between 30,000 and 50,000 Pakistani rupees. A senior specialist in the same field might earn up to 700,000 PKR annually. A position as an aviation engineer pays 100k to 250k PKR every month. Other engineering occupations pay around the same amount. Interns are compensated while gaining work experience.

Benefits and Perks

The perks for each position here are among the finest available. The first is the health advantages. It involves medical exams and insurance coverage. followed by paid vacations and holidays. The organization provides complimentary tickets to its personnel and their families. The training provided by the airline to new hires allows you to get familiar with your work. Providing a workplace devoid of hierarchical distinction

How Do I Apply for AirSial Jobs? 

AirSial Jobs is the most desirable choice within the aviation division. Now you know the fundamentals of them. You are familiar with their qualifying requirements. You are aware of the excellent salary and perks as well. These AirSial Jobs will provide a secure career path. The body provides advertisements for all available AirSial Jobs positions, making it difficult to miss any openings. To access them, you must submit an online application for the appropriate position. If you are interested in them, the only thing left to do is submit an online application. 

After the application, the recruiting procedure begins. They choose a number of qualified candidates. They extended an invitation to an interview. After evaluating their qualifications and expertise for the position, they select a number of candidates. The candidate who best impresses them receives a job offer. Please follow the instructions listed below to apply without trouble. Additionally, you will get a link to the application website. is their official website. 

  • Visit their official website at
  • Go to join us.
  • Click on the job you want.
  • Create an account on their website.
  • Fill out the form with your proper credentials.

If everything about your form is all right you will get a reply soon.

AirSial Jobs In Karachi 2022

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