Anti-corruption Jobs 2022-Latest Career Opportunities


According to the advertisement, there are Anti-corruption Jobs opportunities in 2022. Therefore, Anti-Corruption has published job openings in several sections/departments around the nation (Pakistan). 

In other words, Anti-corruption Jobs are exclusively open to those who satisfy the requirements for these Anti-corruption Jobs positions. However, male and female applicants from around the nation may apply for the most recent Anti-corruption Jobs. Most importantly, the procedure is easily understandable and can be seen in the company’s employment postings. Additionally, complete your work by finishing the recruiting procedure in Pakistan in 2022.

Latest Anti-Corruption Jobs Details:

Organization:Anti Corruption Establishment
Category:Government Jobs, Service Jobs
Education:Minimum Matric to Onwards
Location:Lahore & Across Pakistan
Last Updated On:8th September 2022

 About Anti-Corruption in Pakistan 

Initially, corruption in Pakistan was not a major issue. However, this changed in the 1950s. Before that time, the anti-corruption unit was already active in the nation. But its tasks were minimal, and it was of little consequence. The incidence of corruption was so low that this institution resembled a tiny police department.

As corruption established roots in Pakistan over time, the government recognized the need for a team to combat it. In 1956, this requirement served as the impetus for the formation of the Anti-Corruption Establishment. To eradicate corruption, each minor and major suspect was investigated. 

From numerous laws passed in 1974 and 1985, its primary responsibility is to continue to eradicate corruption from the state. They move quickly. collecting and distributing information from many locations. Their information network has been crucial to their long-term success. They monitor every government employee. Punjab and Sindh are this institution’s strongholds. In Karachi, they retain a posture of absolute law. Now you have a fundamental understanding of this institution. This might help you determine whether a career here is suitable for you. 

Available Vacancies for Anti-corruption Jobs

  • Stenographer
  • Data Processing Assistant
  • Junior Clerk
  • Naib Qasid
  • Chowkidar
  • Sanitary Worker
  • Sweeper
  • Waiter
  • Cook
  • Data Entry Operator

Anti-Corruption Jobs Requirements 

Obviously, a large institution like this would have stringent employment standards. They are employed by the state and hence cannot afford to make selection errors. They only accept mature applicants. Freshmen may also apply for these Anti-corruption Jobs positions. However, they should be at least 22 years old. The maximum number of standard posts is 28. In certain instances, it adds five years to the maximum age restriction. 

The applicant’s education is the most essential qualification. Fresh college grads are eligible to apply for Anti-corruption Jobs. They do not accept applicants with degrees below that level. To qualify as a candidate, you must possess a bachelor’s degree. The topics must be relevant to the position for which you are seeking. In addition, you must have a grade in the second division of your degree to be eligible. 

These are prerequisites for obtaining employment here. There may be additional qualifications based on employment rank. Here, no previous job experience is required to apply. They merely need to meet age and academic requirements. However, the expert viewpoints are not identical. For entry-level positions, the knowledge requirement ranges from one to four years. The demand for higher-ranking posts continues to increase.

Eligibility Criteria for Anti-Corruption Jobs

  • official CNIC with a smart chip. 
  • A reputable institution’s diploma or academic degree
  • The status of an official

Anti Corruption Contact Details:

Contact Number:042-99211380/4
Email address:[email protected]
office address:2-Farid Kot House, Lahore.

Anti Corruption Jobs: Salary and Benefits

Since it is a public institution, it is reasonable to demand reasonable compensation. Anti-Corruption jobs provide competitive remuneration, which enhances employee loyalty. Rarely do you see individuals leaving their occupations for another type of employment? The organization cares for its workers and their families.

This institute’s assistant positions pay between 20,000 and 30,000 Pakistani rupees per month. This salary structure is for those with no previous experience. The Assistant Director here receives between sixty thousand and seventy thousand Pakistani rupees per month. The agency gives between 40,000 and 70,000 PKR a month for the post of consultant. 

This is only paid; the advantages associated with this employment are baffling. As long as you are honest, you receive perfect job security. Paid vacations and holidays provide time for relaxation. You may call in sick for paid sick leave as well. They provide a transportation allowance. Provide staff training. The institution also provides medical benefits. You like flexible work hours. The institution provides housing benefits for the employees.

How Do I Apply for Anti-Corruption Jobs? 

You are now aware of the perks associated with these Anti-corruption Jobs. The standards are stringent but not too difficult. If you are serious, you have a good probability of being granted a seat here. Anti-corruption Jobs are unique in their allure. With its advertisements, you may obtain every detail needed to apply for these Anti-corruption Jobs positions. Simply visit for their webpage. Apply here online for a secure job. To submit an application for employment, you must first establish an account on this website.

You may only apply via their website. After receiving your application, the organization will begin the selection process. All candidates must first pass the aptitude examination. After evaluating your knowledge, your physical health will also be evaluated. If you are in excellent health, you will be invited to an interview. If you impress them, they will give you the job description and offer. These are the processes required to apply for a job at this organization.

  • Create an account by visiting their official website. 
  • Choose the career you want. 
  • Apply using the application form. 
  • If you do not provide the correct information, you will be refused.

 If the submitted form is error-free, you will get a response shortly.

Anti-corruption Jobs 2022-Latest Career Opportunities

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