DLIMS Punjab: How to Online Verify Driving License In Pakistan


How to Online Verify Driving License in Pakistan. The Driving License Information Management System DLIMS Punjab is used to automate a number of processes in Pakistan. That includes the issue of licences, the renewal of licences, and the upgrading of licences. These operations are conducted across the province’s cities. You will learn how to verify the validity of your driver’s license online in this post.

DLIMS uses the most current technology and equipment to guarantee that the public receives expedient processing services.

Through an interconnected network, verification of licences is made easier than ever before.
DLIMS Online Verification of Driving License DLIMS Online Driving License Verification in Punjab may now validate licences in record speed.

If you possess a driver’s licence, you must validate it online. However, the licence must be registered in the DLIMS monitoring driving licence Punjab in order to utilise an online verification service.

A cancelled or expired driver’s licence may be readily upgraded and renewed, and a new licence can be obtained through an online application.

How to Online Verify Driving License Pakistan

The method for verifying your driver’s licence has been enhanced as technology has advanced in all disciplines and in every industry.

As opposed to visiting licencing centres or other offices in the past, you may now verify your licence from the comfort of your own home.

Here’s how to proceed: Verification of Driving License in Pakistan

  • Visit the Official website.
  • Enter the CNIC code (no dashes) on the website.
  • Select the verification option.

The status of your driver’s license in Punjab may be examined.

The DLIMS is used to assure both the validity and regulation of driver’s licences.

When you obtain your licence, you may quickly and easily validate it.

Follow the processes outlined above, and if the database has your licence information, your DLIMS system will validate your licence within minutes.

If your licence information is not registered on the site, “License Data Not Found” will appear. In this situation, the licence holder must approach the closest Traffic Police Office with his or her licence card.

The importance of the importance DLIMS Punjab License Verification

If you have submitted an application for a driver’s licence but have not yet received it. You must monitor the application’s ID. This is not just an administrative need, but also the validation of the database inside the DLIMS records to certify that the licence will be retained by the original owner and no one else. It also prevents it from being sent to an incorrect address. In addition, after the licence verification procedure by DLIMS, the card is permitted for lawful usage.

A further advantage of having your licence validated by the DLIMS system. Are you qualified for further procedures such as licence renewal and upgrades?

If you have not received confirmation yet. The licence you possess is invalid and must be validated as quickly as possible.


How can I maintain track of my licence to drive in Punjab?

Click the track option on the DLIMS website and input the tracking code.

Additionally, you may contact your local traffic police station to get the tracking number.

What is the most efficient approach to seeking my driver’s licence number online?

If you enter your registration number through the internet, the licence number will be shown on the screen.

Similarly, you may also attend the local traffic police station. Provide some simple information, and your driver’s licence will be readily traceable.

What do I need to do to check whether my driving permit is valid?

Visit the Department of Transportation’s official webpage on their website. Then, input the tracking number to see whether the permit is legitimate.

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