SUPARCO Jobs 2022 (Apply Online)-Latest Career Opportunities


SUPARCO Jobs in 2022, as indicated in the advertisement So, the Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission has posted job openings in several sections and departments all over Pakistan.
In other words, SUPARCO Jobs are restricted to those who satisfy the qualifications for these SUPARCO Jobs positions. Male and female applicants from across the country may, however, apply for the most recent SUPARCO jobs. Most importantly, the procedure is straightforward and can be found in any of the organization’s published job postings. Additionally, complete your work by finishing the recruiting procedure in Pakistan in 2022. 

Latest SUPARCO Jobs Details:

Organization:Space & Upper Atmosphere Research Commission
Category:Government Jobs, Tutoring Jobs
Education:Minimum Graduate
Location:Karachi & Across Pakistan
Last Updated On:14th September 2022

About Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO)

The Pakistan Space and Upper Atmosphere Research Commission (SUPARCO) was created in 1961 as the country’s only space agency. Initially considered a committee, in 1981, SUPARCO was elevated to the rank of a commission.

The agency is responsible for doing research and development in the realm of space science and seeks to come up with many solutions. to boost space application development. Regarding its aims, the agency employs a variety of research approaches to undertake pilot projects. Satellite Remote Sensing (SRS) and Geographic Information System (GIS) technologies guide these investigations.

In addition, SUPARCO monitors all types of satellite meteorology, satellite radiance, troposphere and stratosphere research, atmospheric pollution, satellite geodesy, and astronomy. This allows us to receive satellite signals for phone, video, Direct-to-Home TV broadcast services, and digital data transfers. COSPAS-SARSAT is software that facilitates the transmission and reception of signals from ships, boats, and vehicles. By putting these working satellites into space, we can learn more about the orbits and paths of many celestial bodies.

Available Vacancies for SUPARCO Jobs

  • Associate Engineer
  • Assistant Manager
  • Intern
  • Electronics
  • Scientific Assistant Physics
  • Engineer
  • Data Entry
  • Medical Technician
  • Admin Assistant

Internship Opportunity At SUPARCO

Through the internship program, aspirants who are presently in school may also join SUPARCO. Internships are the ideal option for students to get practical job experience to complement their theoretical and academic knowledge. Internships are a significant aspect of any student’s educational experience. This is accomplished through connecting with and learning from specialists in the area.

The SUPARCO Internship Program assists students in gaining knowledge and skills. The agency believes in creating a platform for the younger generation, who will lead the space program and research in the near future. This will not only help students get field expertise, but it will also improve their academic understanding.

SUPARCO often provides internships every year, to which thousands of students apply. If you want to do an internship at SUPARCO, the information you need is listed below.

SUPARCO Jobs: Salary & Benefits

SUPARCO Jobs is one of the simplest methods to achieve permanent financial stability. This organization gives you the chance to increase your income while providing for your family. With all the amenities SUPARCO offers its workers, it is certain that everyone wants to work there. This space agency believes in taking care of its employees by hosting celebration parties and distributing incentives. Working with SUPARCO also helps you learn more about the market and improve your technical and business skills.

Professionalism is the most important factor in attaining greatness at SUPARCO. If workers demonstrate their skills and commitment to their job, the corporation will reward them accordingly. We have compiled a list of the finest advantages of working at SUPARCO Jobs after receiving comments from current and former workers. Please have a look, as we have included the top ones below:

  • Associate Engineer
  • Assistant Manager
  • Intern
  • Electronics
  • Scientific Assistant Physics
  • Engineer
  • Data Entry
  • Medical Technician
  • Admin Assistant

How Do I Apply for SUPARCO Jobs?

The advertisement for SUPARCO Jobs has already been published as you read this. Obviously, you have decided to join the SUPARCO team. We no longer need you to be concerned since we are here to handle the situation. To begin the application process, you must visit, the organization’s official website. From there, you must determine which positions are vacant.

In addition, you will need to review the qualifying requirements. Next, download the application form and review the required information along with the educational credentials. If the process is not done carefully, any forms with false or wrong information will be rejected by SUPARCO.

After submitting the application, you must prepare for the admissions examination. The selection committee will create a shortlist of applicants based on their merit. Then, all finalists are contacted for interviews. Now that you have read all the information, we recommend that you begin entrance exam preparation. To get access to SUPARCO’s official website, click the option labeled “Apply Online,” which is located below.

General FAQs

  • Formal application submission?
    Candidates may apply in any format. 
    To begin with, you can apply online through a website or by emailing your papers and resume to the company.
    In addition, you may obtain further information at 
    Second, candidates may thus apply through the mail. You may submit your papers together with the application and picture.
  • Am I eligible for TA or DA in SUPARCO Jobs 2022? 
    No, no TA or DA is provided for the interview.
  • How can I get an invitation to the examination or interview? 
    The organization will be tasked with selecting interviewees.
  • May I submit the application beyond the deadline? 
    Applications should not be submitted after the application deadline.
  • Are private workers eligible to apply? 
    Yes, private workers are permitted to apply via authorized channels.
SUPARCO Jobs 2022-Latest Career Opportunities

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