Top 5 WhatsApp Trackers to Track Others WhatsApp Chat 2023


A major part of our lives is spent on WhatsApp. We communicate with family, friends, loved ones, and any other person we want to. We chat about texts, images, videos, and much more. In this case, it’s crucial to know who we’re communicating with during the majority of our time using WhatsApp so that we can put a tiny end to it. For fun, it’s important to know which one we spend the most time with.

The WhatsApp trackers are applications that you can download onto your phone that help you track WhatsApp activities. Some track WhatsApp places, some track chats, others track online messages.

WhatsApp Trackers 2023: Top 5 Trackers for Monitoring WhatsApp Chats


In order to track activity, ChatWatch utilizes WhatsApp data, specifically online notifications and last seen. Using the data, we can estimate or tell what we know about the target user, for example, how often they use the app. The funny part is that the app can simultaneously analyze the information on the two target users to determine if they sent texts.

This app is designed for Android users and is very straightforward to use. You need to enter the WhatsApp phone number of the target user to track their online and offline activities. Depending on your subscription level, ChatWatch tracks up to two WhatsApp numbers.

The features

  • When the target user is online or logs in late at night, an instant notification is sent.
  • Calculate the likelihood of two people you know talking to one another online.
  • It can provide insight into how much sleep the target user receives on a daily basis.

The WaStat WhatsApp Tracker

In addition to providing online notifications and tracking when the user was last seen, WaStat is another WhatsApp online tracker that works on Android, which is a mobile operating system. It is easy to use and provides online notifications as well. In order to include the names of the users in the track, you need to download it from the Play Store, install the app and then tap the top right corner of the screen.

You are immediately notified when they go online. The app displays your time periods in a clock-like view. Customer support is available to assist users in tracking WhatsApp online status in the fastest possible time. A few months ago, the app also added offline notifications and animation support.

The features

  • Additionally, it displays the number of active hours.
  • Over the past 30 days, it displays the latest notifications and statistics.
  • As many as 10 contacts can be monitored simultaneously
  • When the target user goes online, they receive an instant notification

Chat Track Online Tracker

It is also possible to track WhatsApp online notifications in the last seen with Chat Track online tracker, a no-cost productivity app. It keeps track of when you were last seen and notifies you instantly to make sure your children are safe. A precise notification is provided all day, seven days a week.

You can track “last seen” in just one or two clicks by tapping the + icon located at the very top. Simply enter your target number and set the duration of the tracking.


You can use WaLog online last seen tracker to track last seen along with notifications on WhatsApp. You will be able to see how much time your children spend on WhatsApp and if they are using it instead of resting after school. The WaLog tracker is an iOS-compatible tracker that allows you to keep track of your child’s last seen and get notifications when they go online and offline.

The features

  • Notifications both offline and online
  • The system tracks more than one person at a time.
  • A detailed analysis and tracking report
  • App-based 24/7 customer support
  • Report on two numbers based on the comparison of the data

Whatster Screen Time Tracker

A screentime tracker within the productivity category, Whatster ScreenTime Tracker tracks both online activity and notifications at once. Whatster isn’t just for WhatsApp. You can set up more than 10 profiles at the same time. Users receive instant notifications when the permitted time to use WhatsApp is reached.

The features

  • Productivity control
  • Reports are available on a daily, hourly, and weekly basis
  • To make the app easier to use, we provide 24/7 customer support in-app
  • The online status can also be tracked by adding up to 10 numbers
  • Boost the performance of your app with a free update
  • Interface that is simple and easy to use
  • Notifications are unlimited
  • Suggestions for photos based on AI


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